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Perfumers by Nature

Perfume is a sensual, voluptuous product, an international language.

It transcends earthly borders and languages.

Bespoke fragrance


The French Fragrance House acts as an olfactory laboratory integrated into your business.

A tailor-made partnership that takes into account your uniqueness; Emilie leverages her expertise to create fragrances that will meet your expectations and needs, whether it’s Fine Fragrance or Home Fragrances. We know how to interpret and create olfactory identities that embody your brand and scented products.

The bespoke fragrance design starts with a thorough consultation between you and our creative team. This allows us to understand the tastes and emotions you wish to convey.

Based on the information gathered, Emilie selects and blends the ingredients to form this unique perfume, which will accurately and harmoniously meet your briefs.

Fine Fragrance

Fine fragrance is the heart of our profession and expertise. It’s a bubble of freedom where the greatest ideas are born, where trends emerge and evolve, where styles are made and undone.

Our inspiration constantly adapts and renews itself.

Thanks to her expertise, our perfumer creates unique and captivating blends. Subtle and complex, they evoke emotions. The olfactory nuances and their aesthetics are systematically designed to provide a unique experience.

Home Fragrance

Just like Fine Fragrance, Home Fragrance is another creative territory where we can bring our “French Touch” and turn a house, a boutique, a hotel, or a car into a space where life is seen through rose-colored glasses.

The balance between sensitivity and technicality, a necessary paradox for the creation of unprecedented fragrances, is grounded in accuracy and effectiveness. By immersing ourselves in the market, consumption trends, and your specifications, we will create your olfactory composition that meets your expectations.

Around our creations, we aim to create a pleasant atmosphere, provide comfort and well-being, all while adhering to the demanding legislation imposed on home fragrance.

A project ?

Do you have a project and want to make it a reality?
Our team is here to listen to your needs and create the perfume that suits you.

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