Our engagement

From the very inception of our project, it was clear to us that all key points of CSR policy should be integrated into our DNA. At FFH, we place as much importance on the environment as we do on people and the quality of our products.

commited to the environment

Sustainability is part of our daily routine and is integrated into FFH‘s identity.

We have chosen to set up our offices and laboratories in a high-performance energy-efficient building; this space is the heart of our policy.

We have established partnerships to treat and valorize nearly all of our possible waste and have installed a charging station for electric/hybrid vehicles.

Our commitment aims to ensure that our activity has minimal impact on the environment.

Commited to humanity

On a social level, our company places humans at the core of its project, and our three values ‚Äč‚Äčtake on their full meaning here: respect, trust, and loyalty.

From the design and layout of our premises with our architects, the quality of our facilities and the comfort of our colleagues have been central to our project.

We are also convinced that by giving great importance to the well-being of our team, we will contribute to a virtuous path for all.

Product quality

We place the same importance on quality as we do on the environment and the people around us.

We have the same quality requirements in choosing our partners and work with them transparently and with trust.

The quality of our raw materials is crucial for our creations. Their selection is vital, and we are uncompromising on this point.

We are committed to controlling the quality of our products at every stage. From the selection of raw materials to the manufacturing and packaging of fragrances, to the shipping and receipt of products by the customer, every link in the chain is meticulously monitored so that the customer experience fully meets your expectations.

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