Our company


The French Fragrance House is a fragrance house founded in Grasse by a team of passionate forty-somethings about the perfume industry, this “Industrialized Art” that drives us every day.

In our new home, we want to combine our expertise and skills to enhance your  Fine Fragrance and Home Fragrance products.

Our vision & values

The French Fragrance House aims to represent the “French touch” of perfumery: valorizing traditional know-how, offering personalized service, providing tailor-made solutions, all while bringing a modern perspective through its cosmopolitan founders, gathered around Emilie, our perfumer.

This ambition and passion are built on strong values: respect, trust, and loyalty.

These values are the founding pillars of The French Fragrance House and serve our partners.


our roots

Alexandre and Emilie, founders of FFH, are two Grasse natives with professional backgrounds deeply rooted in the city and the region.

They grew up and evolved in this globally renowned region known for its flowers, plants, and perfumes.

They are passionate about this “Industrialized Art” and want to reinvent a contemporary approach that adapts to current trends and breaks away from conventional paths.

The founders

Alexandre Levet

CEO & Owner

In the perfume industry for 20 years, I have gained a deep understanding of its workings by holding key positions.

Passionate, I enjoy building strong relationships with partners and positioning our products competitively in the market.

My commitment to humanity places the well-being of my colleagues at the forefront, creating a positive corporate culture, and establishing lasting relationships with our clients and partners.

My interest in new technologies reflects my desire to explore new avenues to stimulate growth and improve the operational efficiency of our company.

In the perfume industry, where creativity and innovation are essential, I believe that adopting emerging technologies can help us stay in line with changing consumer expectations and stand out in the global market.

Émilie Sabas

Creative Director – Perfumer

Born in Grasse, the cradle of perfumery, I was shaped by a family heritage rooted in this fascinating universe.

Growing up alongside a father and sister who were perfumers, I have been attracted since my childhood, to nature, its light and its scents, which allowed me to develop a particular sensitivity.

I have been working in the perfume industry for 20 years now and I like working around dry amber woody accords inspired by Middle East perfumery.

It is fascinating because of its diversity and richness witch nourish my creativity.

For me, there is nothing more staggering than the end of an autumn day blown by the wind.

The light is magnificent and the air is full of little things : the smell of a fireplace, dry leaves, the scent of the city, a more animal nuance… I have the impression to have the world that unfolds under my nose in these moments.

Human at the heart of the project

Our experience shows us that clients expect genuine listening from us and prioritize trusting, long-term relationships. Service quality is important; for many clients, it ensures an understanding of projects and thus the relevance of tailor-made creations.

FFH‘s challenge will be to follow an industrial logic while emphasizing human values and giving perfume its place within a virtuous project.

Modernity & Technology

The combination of creativity, modernity, and technology, combined with careful sourcing of raw materials, makes FFH an agile and flexible partner, capable of bringing your scented products and brands to life.


The perfume industry is constantly evolving.

At FFH, we are constantly seeking innovation and exploring contemporary perfume trends.

This quest allows us to establish a real trend laboratory through innovative tools and databases.

Thus, we are able to analyze markets, anticipate developments, and support your launches with a modern, precise, and timely perspective.


Technology plays an increasingly important role in our daily lives.

In the perfume industry, it is becoming indispensable in the perfume creation process as well as in their marketing.

We want The French Fragrance House to be in tune with its time.

That’s why, from the inception of our house, Artificial Intelligence has been an integral part of our thinking and will be our backbone to meet the needs of today and tomorrow.

An international enterprise

At The French Fragrance House, we focus on what drives us and what we master. We, therefore, focus on the EMEA Zone (Europe, Middle East & Africa), this region revolving around the Mediterranean, the cradle of merchants, exchanges, and blends. This inspires us and binds us together.

FFH is already active in around twenty countries in the EMEA zone.

A project ?

Do you have a project and want to make it a reality?
Our team is here to listen to your needs and create the perfume that suits you.

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